If you are using TrEase server for your publication, please cite:

Mishra, B., Ploch, S., Weiland, C. et al. The TrEase web service: inferring phylogenetic trees with ease. Mycol Progress 22, 84 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11557-023-01931-3

The softwares used in this server are as follows along with their citations. Please use the citations according to the pipeline you followed for your analyses.

For reference sequence search:
Blast X (Camacho et al. 2009).

For multiple sequence alignment:
mafft (Katoh et al. 2002) (Katoh and Standley 2013), Muscle (Edgar 2004), Prank (Loytynoja and Goldman 2005).

For alignment refinement:
Gblock (Castresana 2000).

For phylogenetic tree construction:
Raxml (Stamatakis 2014), FastTree (Price et al. 2010), MrBayes (Ronquist et al. 2012).

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